14 February 2012

AVALANCHE OF TRUTH: New single, album and video

Avalanche Of Truth by Big Strong Brute
New Album Out March 15 thru El Nino El Nino/Lofly

Hey guys. Well, here it is. I'm pleased to announce that my second full-length record, Avalanche Of Truth, will be available March 15 as a split release through El Nino El Nino and Lofly. On that date you will be able to purchase the new 9-song album - recorded over four days last June with Stephen Bartlett in Moorooka, Queensland - in either digital form or on recycled black 150g vinyl.

Until then, you can download (for free) the first single from the record, which is also the title track. Download it via Bandcamp or listen below. And please stop by the Facebook page and tell me what you think.

Once you've done that, please check out this short interpretation of the song shot by the Pastel Prairie team. It was shot in one day in Melbourne in July, 2011.

I'm excited to be putting out new music. It seems like too long. The record, for what it's worth, is about severing ties with the things and the people and the places that you once you knew well, for better and for worse. It was made with the support and generosity of lots of wonderful people. I hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned - there will be launch shows announced soon.


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