28 October 2011


Hi guys. Big Strong Brute stuff has been really busy lately. I've played many shows. But there are more still!

November 9: The Joynt, West End: Big Strong Brute + Timothy Carroll.

Timothy is just back from Europe with a whole bag of new songs and a band as well. Come along - I haven't been to The Joynt but it's roundly considered the best place in the world.

December 2: X & Y Bar, Fortitude Valley: Big Strong Brute + Harmony (Melb).

Harmony are a cool band from Melbourne. Here's a song of theirs, called Heartache. It's sweet.

December 21: The Empress, Melbourne: Big Strong Brute + Great Earthquake + more TBA.

I'll be doing this one-off pre-Christmas show in Melbourne. It will be great to see everyone again down there.

Last week I saw Tallest Man On Earth. Trying to teach myself to play guitar like that. Also, last night: The Drones. What dudes.


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