22 May 2011

Berlin, Bad German, Shows.

Hello friends,

Berlin is wonderful. Anything goes in this city. It's fun to drink beer on the train just because I can. The shows here were a little odd - I definitely learned a thing or two about European booking - but the audiences are wonderfully enthusiastic. People really care about music here. Musicians are taken seriously. Sometimes that's slightly lost in Australia.

Anyway, I didn't really take many photos but the shows were cool. One was at an amazing little cafe/bar back room packed with people. The other was in a bar and there was hardly anyone there. But both times people were super supportive and appreciative and had nice things to say. And both times my on-stage German was terrible.

We fly home tomorrow. Back to Brisbane. So it seems only fitting to announce some more shows!

Sat May 28: Byron Bay at The Treehouse. 6pm. Free. All Ages.
Sat June 4: Brisbane at Winn Lane markets. Time TBA. Free. All Ages.
Sat June 11: Brisbane at Black Bear Lodge (the new Troubadour) with McKisko (hooray!). 5pm. Free. 18+
Sat July 2: Brisbane at X&Y Bar with Do The Robot. 7pm. Free. 18+

Hoorabies! See the post below - I start recording a new record NEXT MONTH. Super pumped.



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